Paragliding Instructor / Tandem Pilot

Johannes plays many stringed instruments but his favorite might be the paraglider. He’s been paragliding since 2006 and has worked as a professional instructor and tandem pilot in Boulder, Colorado and Queenstown, New Zealand.

Johannes’ calm yet direct teaching style helps students relate and focus on mastering good technique. Johannes considers paragliding a peaceful martial art; an expression of the beauty and power of nature.

Paragliding has been Johannes’ full-time passion since his very first flight with master instructor and mentor, Bill Laurence. Whether a 6-second flight from the training hill in Colorado, or a 6-hour flight in Australia, that same level of wonder and joy fuels his love for the sport.

Johannes has flown throughout the US, as well as Australia, Bali, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand and Nepal. In 2018, Johannes placed 2nd in the recreational class at the Monarca Paragliding Open in Valle de Bravo Mexico. Johannes and Boulder Free Flight were featured in a documentary series on French TV!

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Paragliding Instructor/ Tandem Pilot

Dusty’s lifelong passion for flight runs deep. He grew up flying radio-controlled sailplanes with his father. By age 12, he was competing nationally in soaring, thermal, and distance events; at 14, he was teaching R/C flight and competing internationally, including at the F3J World Championships.

Dusty began paragliding in 2012 in California and has pursued it fully ever since. He took his first SIV course in 2013 and has trained with professional pilots from around the world. In 2014, he was a talent and stunt pilot for a national automobile TV ad. Over the years, he has flown in Norway, Guatemala, Mexico, California, Hawaii, and of course, Colorado. Building community is paramount to Dusty and paragliding around the world has been fundamental to that intention.

As a Boulder native, the land and skies of Colorado are home base. Since his return in 2017, Dusty has been an active part of the paragliding community, working with Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks, and serving as the Boulder Paragliding Site Representative. Dusty finds great pleasure in helping new pilots build strong foundations of skill, understanding and experience. He is patient, accommodating and perceptive.

Click here for a 3D interactive map tracklog example of a flight Dusty took from Voss to Aurland, Norway. From mountain to mountain and cloud to cloud. Over waterfalls, peaks, fjords snowy passes and everything in between. Flight time 5hr20min.



Paragliding Instructor Apprentice

Ariann’s first time learning about paragliding was through her 12 + time hang gliding World Record holder father, Larry Tudor. They learned how to paraglide together in Salt Lake City and have since made Boulder their home flying site. 2020 being her breakout year in the sport, pulling off multiple 100 mile flights, as well as her new personal best of 176 miles.

Her experience with instruction has stemmed from a wealth of knowledge she brought from her Olympic level figure skating career and now, 10 year coaching career. After 5 years of consistently paragliding 250+ hours a year, instruction felt like the next step in understanding the sport in a deeper and complex way. She strives to learn how to explain the abstract and technical concepts of paragliding to make you a highly competent and skillful pilot. By applying this mindset of self improvement to all parts of her paragliding, she believes not only she’s becoming a better pilot herself, but she gets to encourage this mindset with all pilots who learn with Johannes Rath and Boulder Free Flight.



Tandem Paragliding Instructor

Joshua is a 5 generation Coloradian who flys commercial tandems for Boulder Free flight. Based out of Brisbane Australia in the winters and Boulder Colorado through the summers, Joshua owns an aviation business ( in Brisbane and flys most things that fly.

Having flown Paragliders in Colorado for over 14 years Joshua is a seasoned paragliding pilot and loves sharing the magic of flight with his passengers! He spends his spare time Climbing, BASE Jumping, Speedflying, Hiking, and flying as a commercial fixed-wing pilot. His adventures usually involve crossing and combining disciplines in some of the most beautiful places in the world so feel free to read about some of his travels around the world at