Learn to fly

Apply to 2023 Spring Program - space is limited 


Our basic courses will start in LZ (Landing area) which we will take advantage of our nice manicured grass to teach basic ground handling with the paraglider in a safe, controlled environment. This is typically a 2-3 day process in which the instructor will evaluate each pilots skills ensuring everyone has safely displayed the ability to maintain the wing overhead. Once the pilot is proficient and shows confident controlled launches and basic ability to handle the wing on the ground we will be ready to move up to lower launch to take our first small flights on the hill. Beginning pilots will use our lower launch at around 300' to experience their first flight in Boulder and get a basic understanding of controlling the paraglider in the air. These flights will be done under full radio instruction and in incredibly calm morning air to ensure safety and offer a gentle introduction to having our feet leave the ground for the first time. 

As pilots progress from their initial introductory flights and display safe and controller flight habits we will move up the hill to the 3/4 launch accessing another 150'. This gives pilots the opportunity to practice taking their launch skills to a smaller takeoff and offers the ability to get a few more turns and flight procedures in prior to setting up a landing approach. At this time we are also starting to bring in more weather theory and helping to create all the building blocks to becoming a great pilot. 

As we continue to expand our skills pilots will be able to move even further up to our highest launch at around 600'. This will allow us to start to piece together all of newly learned skills we've developed throughout the course and put them together fully in slightly more thermic conditions and get a true taste of the paragliding experience. At this point our instructors will continue to offer radio instruction however will offer up more room for you to be the pilot in charge of your flight plan and build skills necessary to make your own decisions as you grow closer to becoming a solo pilot.

Each step of the way our instructors will be by your side to answer any questions you may have and offer assistance to ensure the safest and best experience available.


Learn to launch and land a paraglider in just 3 days. 2-3 three hour sessions of instruction, at the end of which you will take your first flight! This is a great way to see if paragliding is for you. If you decide to go on to the P2 course, the cost of the intro course will count towards the P2 certification.



If you know you want to be a pilot this is the course for you! This course takes 10-15 days, and includes extensive ground school, theory, meteorology, and 35 solo flights. Normally $2,900, if you buy your first gear set through us you get $900 off your course.

Apply to the 2023 Spring Program here.  After filling out the application you will be contacted to set up an information session/interview.  


If you want to improve your skills, build on lessons you’ve already taken, or just try paragliding out, then day coaching is the perfect solution. We offer 3-hour sessions to help you take the next step in your paragliding career, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced pilot!